Sugat Kabanhawan Festival

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Sugat is a big socio-religious event in Minglanilla, which attracts not only people from adjacent towns but also from Cebu City. On Easter Sunday dawn, there will be mass celebration at the ground of Minglanilla Central School followed by a short dubbed drama showcasing the fight between the fallen angel represented as dark eagle and the God's Servant Gabriel Archangel together with his comrades.A re enactment of the 'meeting' of the risen Christ and his mother will be then followed after it.


Is a festivity celebration of the Minglanillahanons showcasing their talents by means of dancing as an expression of happiness in order to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Kabanhawan is a Cebuano term means resurrection. The festival held during Easter Sunday usually done in the ground of Minglanilla Central School. The dance is composed of two categories - the Ritual Showdown and Street Dancing.

Short Fact

Minglanilla Cebu, a first class municipality, is also known as the "Sugat Capital" of the South. In the early days, Minglanilla was a barangay of Talisay.

It was "Buat", a variation of the word 'bulad'which means dried fish. According to the church records, the town was founded in 1858 by Father Fernando Sanchez, the first Spanish priest who changed the name to Minglanilla, an obscure place in Spain where he was born.


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